The Fraternity utilizes two governing documents: The Pi Alpha Phi Constitution and the Pi Alpha Phi Policy Manual. These documents establish the vision and purpose as well as the operational scope by which Pi Alpha Phi operates.

The Constitution is the supreme governing document of the Fraternity. It can be found here.

The National Leadership of Pi Alpha Phi operates under the Policy Manual, which is an integrated set of principles which form the basis by which the day-to-day operations of the fraternity operates. The policy Manual can be found here.

The Constitution establishes a National Convention, which is the supreme governing body of the Fraternity. The Convention takes place annually. In the interim, the National Board of Directors is the administrative, executive, and judicial head of the Fraternity. 

The 2013-2014 National Board of Directors is comprised of:

VP Internal Naweed Sherzada
VP ExternalVacant
Robert Shopshear
Gene Kim
Director of Judicial Affairs
Gordon Wong
Director of Expansion
Director of Communications
Kyle Fontimayor


Additional Volunteer Leaders Include:

Director of Risk Reduction
Brian Gee
Social Media

  To contact the entire National Leadership: