We believe in lifelong brotherhood. That Bond of Brotherhood is exemplified in the engagement of our members.

Our alumni give back in ways ranging from serving on the National Board, to helping alumni with career networking, to advising and guiding our undergraduate members.

You can find a list of alumni volunteer roles and descriptions here. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this application.

Help from Alumni

We understand that the brotherhood that Pi Alpha Phi creates results in a life-long bond with the fraternity. For those alumni that wish to return to their roots, there are always ways to volunteer and help with the organization.

Many alumni have returned to the fraternity after graduation to provide whatever they can. This is common with Pi Alpha Phi alumni, and they continue to carry and pass down this tradition of continuous support for the fraternity.

Whether it's a motivational speech for the active house, or advice for the upcoming term, alumni have been there to support the fraternity.